Our Mail Management Solution is an unique offering specially built for small,medium and large webshosting companies for whom providing reliable mail services to their clients is a top priority.
Following are some of the highlights of the solution:

Isolated Setup : Prevents production server overloading and in fact offloads processing from the actual webservers thus boosting server performance.
Resource Friendly : The solution can even be run from a small VPS so you do not need to invest huge funds.
Web-Frontend : The solution provides a web-enabled frontend for your techs to access the setup and track mail activity.
IP-Rotation Enabled : The solution is built with on the fly IP rotation functionality for optimized and higher delivery rate. This feature is something profession providers like sendgrid etc use. 
IPv6 Friendly : You can make use of IPv6 IPs along with IPv4 IPs on the solution. (Scope would be limited to remote servers supporting ipv6)
Complete Solution Management : We provide upto 1-3 months of proactive management services for the solution bundled with the setup.
One-Stop Solution : You can have the same setup used by multiple servers across your farm without any issues.
Anti-Spam Integration : The solution integrates multiple layers of anti-spam filtering to make sure only genuine emails pass through.
OS-Independent : The single solution can be used with your Linux as well as Windows servers.

Please fill in the Mail Management Solution Quotation Form and a solutions specialist will get in touch with you. We will arrange a demo show you the exact working of the solution during the demo so that you are completely convinced how much value the solution can add to your services!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

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