Dear Clients, recently announced that further Cpanel Version 110 would be the last update for Centos 7 and Cloudlinux 7 OS environments. Cpanel has announced upgrade options to Almalinux 8 or RockyLinux 8 for servers running Centos 7/Cloudlinux 7. It is crucial from a security point of view that your servers continue to receive Cpanel updates. As a proactive server management provider we would urge all our dear clients to make sure they get their servers which are running CentOS 7/Cloudlinux 7 or older to get their servers upgraded to Almalinux 8 or RockyLinux 8. Our skilled system administrators team would be glad to perform seamless upgrades for you on your servers. You can order the upgrade service using the link: . Please note this service is available per server and so you would need to place multiple orders if you need to have multiple servers upgraded. 

The process for upgrades would be as below:

  • Our admin team will make sure you have backups available for all your data before the migration. If you need to generate backups, our team will help you the process.
  • If you need offsite space for backups, we can offer backup space for your backups during the process.
  • Once all backups are validated, the upgrade will be processed.
  • Post-upgrade, there will be data validation done again.
  • Any necessary security updates/changes needed post-upgrade will be completed.
  • The upgrades will be scheduled by our team when the server has less traffic, data validation completion and also based on the availability of technical staff and other upgrade schedules.


 Thank you.

Sunday, February 19, 2023

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