Staff Training

Staff Training

We believe in the saying, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty”, so we try to provide necessary training programs from time to time depending on the client's requirement. The staff is always happy to gain more knowledge and learn a new thing which in the end is adding more to their capabilities.

Staff training is an important process for all businesses regardless of industry. Whether you're running a retail store, a manufacturing plant or a tax firm your staff must know protocols, company policy and best practices. While it may seem like a cost-effective approach to hire the youngest staff member or your closest teenage relative to be in charge of your social media marketing, nothing replaces a thorough strategy and execution of a well-laid online marketing plan.

Each business is different and so, each marketing plan must be. Our staff training services start by creating a Pre-training Assesment and Goals Plan. During the formation of this document, we evaluate current marketing practices and channels, the return on investment of these practices, the direction the client would like to take and the amount of time the client can invest in training and integration of an online marketing plan.

Next, we write a Strategy Proposal and review it with the client. The proposal is a living document that can be changed or altered during the review or after the training, nothing is set in stone and the only one responsible for following through with the marketing plan is the client isnt that the most invigorating part of being an entrepreneur?

Once a strategy is decided on the training planning begins and we compose visual aids as well as quick references to distribute to the staff to be trained.

Lastly, the training is scheduled and delivered.

All our staff training services are available on-site in person or via web conference.