About Tecsys

Tecsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a privately held debt free company located in Nashik Maharashtra. We service various IT sectors and provide professional services to clients across the globe. At Tecsys, hardware and software are continuously upgraded, ensuring that the company stays on the razor's edge of technology. We have an area of around 2180 square feet. We are located in Nashik, Maharashtra which is ideally placed around 120 miles each from Mumbai and Pune which are the major IT hubs. Our office can hold staff of upto 200 - 250 personnel working in shifts. The office is well equipped with Computers, separate training room with Projector, 2 PRI lines and DS3 line with a speed of 45 mbps.

  • Front Desk Front desk to help our customer instantly.
  • Work Area Spacious and highly upgraded work area.
  • Best Infrastructure Top Notch Infrastructure is the key aspect of our growth.
  • Conference Hall A fully upgarded conference hall for team meetings and training.
  • Staff@Tecsys We are having highly qualified managerial level staff who manages the flow of Tecsys's work process.
  • Staff at work We are having skillful team members who accomplish the task as per the customer's requirements.
  • Human Resource We are having smart and skilled human resource staff having emphasis on recruiting outstanding employees.
  • Conference Hall A fully upgarded conference hall for team meetings and training.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is the key aspect of each and every company and day by day we are improving this aspect. At Tecsys employee satisfaction is the most important thing as the employees are trying to give their best we are also trying to give our best.

Tecsys Culture

A culture is the values and practices shared by the members of the group. Company Culture, therefore, is the shared values and practices of the company's employees. At Tecsys we are having,Fully empowered employees with high integrity workplace. Strong trust relationships. Emphasis on recruiting and retaining outstanding employees. High degree of adaptability. Highly effective leadership. Effective systems and processes.

Success & Benefits

Tecsys recognizes that every person adds value to both the customers and the company, and understands the link between employees' individual contributions and the company's business objectives. Tecsys aims to improve people's lives by creating innovative services, web based and desktop products that make a real difference. In order to achieve this and maximize the potential of our innovative discovery, development and commercialization efforts, we are preparing for transformational growth. We are currently putting processes and infrastructure in place to rapidly advance our novel services entities currently in late stage development, to become innovative services for cuustomers in areas of high technology need.