Technical Support Services

Tecsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd provides a comprehensive suite of technical support services to all its customers, from which they are able to select products that best suit their individual requirements. We specialize in affordable yet reliable and professional technical support and IT services, and we understand that small to medium-sized businesses need quick and effective technical support services.

We offer a number of options specifically for businesses with small to medium size. Whether it is to fill a short-term need or as part of a long-term relationship, we bring technical proficiency, creativity, and the highest level of customer satisfaction to all clients, regardless of size or industry.

Outsourced Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services

Website Support Services

Website Support Services

Maintaining a dynamic and contemporary website in real time and keeping it updated 24x7 is a challenging task. It entails making enhancements to the existing web site, uploading fresh content, dealing with feedback from visitors, maintaining databases and responding to inquiries.

Mission-critical, transaction-oriented websites dealing with millions of visitors every day require dedicated application maintenance teams to keep the application running at peak efficiency. If the website is down even for an hour, it could mean losses in revenue and missed business opportunities. Outsourcing web site support to a dedicated technical support provider is a sensible business option. Remote technical support for websites may be a monthly-fee service or a fixed-cost contract for a longer period of time.

Website support services include

Feature finding and usage.
Level 1 customer support.
Database search support.
Technician support.
Navigation support.

Technical Monitoring Services

Technical Monitoring Services

1. Remote monitoring of application infrastructure

Using best-of-breed application tools, under-utilized resources can be identified, capacity can be planned and bottlenecks can be dealt with before they affect uptime. This ensures peak performance and availability by monitoring the entire application infrastructure and not just a few components in isolation.

Monitoring services include

Custom Reporting
Remote Problem Resolution
Alert Resolution Management

2. Remote network services

Monitoring through client network monitoring tool and proactively escalating problems to onsite technicians.

3. Remote server services

Monitoring through client network monitoring tool.

Product Based Support Services

Product Support Services

Tecsys's technical support centers provide pre- and post-sales support for technical products, software, systems and applications.

Outsourcing technical support of products to Tecsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd has positive implications for product development as it releases valuable resources within the organization to focus on product design, marketing and sales functions, while customer queries, troubleshooting and post-sales support are outsourced to a competent Technical Support Center. All product-related queries and problems in usage posed by customers are compiled into a valuable database that can be fed back into the development process to make product improvements.

Software and application support

Businesses use a variety of applications and software every day. Tecsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd provides technical support to a wide range of packaged software deployed in these businesses. This relieves IT departments of some of their load as the remote technical support team takes over the tasks of responding to users with differing levels of technical skills and a spectrum of support issues.

1. Software support covers

Application solutions
Application development tools
System software

2. Systems support covers

Thin customers
Storage devices
Terminals and peripherals

3. Devices and peripherals support covers

Smart handheld devices such as mobile handsets and PDAs
Networking devices such as switches and routers
Peripherals such as printers
Multifunctional peripherals
Consumer devices such as digital cameras, camcorders and gaming devices

Customer/Technical Support Services

Customers, particularly of technical products, prefer a single and accessible point of contact to resolve their product- and usage-related queries. Post-sale technical support is so vital a function when it comes to selling technical products, that superior support can spell the difference between one product and another.

Effective customer support is key to increased sales volumes, competent service delivery processes and determines the level of customer satisfaction.

Our technical support consultants are available 24x7 to customers calling in the Service Desk. Calls may be logged by telephone, email or the web and technical support representatives use a combination of engineering and customer interaction skills to resolve problems satisfactorily. Their performance can be monitored by customers remotely, ensuring transparency. Service delivery parameters are set by the client and executed to benchmarks of quality and response times.

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Outsourcing technical support keeps your customers happy. Get in touch with, our dedicated technical support website now for cutting-edge technical support services.

Technical support centers in India offer helpdesk or support services across many key verticals like

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
Wireless Vendors
Application Service Providers (ASPs)
Independent Software Publishers
Value Added Resellers (VARs)
Value Added Dealers (VADs)