24x7TechnicalSupport.net :: Our Dedicated Technical Support Website now Live!!

24x7TechnicalSupport.net :: Our Dedicated Technical Support Website now Live!!

Dear Readers,At Tecsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd, our aim is to give you the best professional services in the Industry with top notch quality and personal attention to each detail. We have been constantly innovating new concepts and services to meet our client’s demands and also to raise our service standards. We are a company which offers multiple services in the IT sector, but based on our client’s request to faciliate them to communicate with our technical support cell separately, we have split our technical support operations under the name 24x7technicalsupport.net effective from 1st of April 2013.

What 24x7TechnicalSupport.net offers more is as below:

1. Dedicated Team handling only Technical Support and Server Management Request
2. More secured working environment
3. More monitoring locations
4. More service plans
5. Additional services like website/server migrations to opt for.
6. Customized Technical support solutions for Webhosting providers and IT companies.

Some of the new plans we have introduced are as below:

1. Server Management Plans starting @ $59/server/month for any type of servers.
2. One time Server Security and Hardening Services
3. Disaster Recovery or Emergency Support Services
4. Graveyard Only Support services
5. Live Chat only support plans
6. Billing or Sales only plans.

You can find all the details on our website http://www.24x7technicalsupport.net. For our existing customers nothing is going to change. They will infact get more attention and personalized services are we will still have a dedicated person heading the Technical Support Division.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need additional information about our services. We appreciate the feedback and good wishes from everyone involved in making this change possible.