Must Have Elements For Your eCommerce Site.

Must Have Elements For Your eCommerce Site.

A Useful website increases sales, but what is the website? It is nothing but a collection of web pages which are the building blocks of websites also called as documents. Here in this article we are discussing about the eCommerce websites. It is useful for online buying and selling of products using computer networks such as internet.

Running an eCommerce website is not an easy task as it should fulfill all the basic requirements of the customers. eCommerce websites are directly proportional in making the sales to fill the orders and to receive the payments.

What Customers wants in an eCommerce Websites ?

1)Design and UX :

First of all whenever people visits any kind of online store, they first look for the neat and clean design. It’s probably the business that cares about it’s appearance as design matters alot and it should attract visitors.

If visitors aren’t saying WOW when they are entering any store, then definately there is something missing and still need work.

2) Speed : 

It should not take more than a second to load a pages. Users should feel that yeah! it is the right choice when they are navigating your site. Hence it also helps you to increase sales for your business. Speed in turn can also impact your business sales.

3) Product Selection : 

Having an eCommerce selection of products is key to success. It should allow users to quickly find exactly the same what they were looking for.

4) Clear Logo and Branding :

This will draw user’s attention quickly, hence branding should be clear and understood by the customers quickly.

5) Promotions, Free Shipping :

It is one of the eye catching feature for your customers who shop online.

6) Trusted Payment :

While building this type of website, it is mandatory to think about the payment methods making effective for users. Offer your customers various accounts so that they can choose the one of their choices based on their interest and budgets. Many of the social medias are nowadays help customers with the payment methods. Online stores commonly use credit and debit cards, gift vouchers, cash on delivery, PayPal, etc as their main payment system. You can easily find these payment icons at the footer or on the top right corner of sites.

7) Integration of Social Medias :

Social media integration is the another reason promoting your online brands as it will help boosting your website traffic with the social medias like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Here are the 5 amazing ways to integrate the social medias on your website :

  • Social share and follow buttons.
  • Social login
  • Social videos.
  • Instagram photos.
  • Social proof.

Social share and follow buttons :

It not only shares your content but also it gives you opportunity to improve user experiences. The buttons are usually top at the top, bottom or along the side of the page. Adding follow button will help you to increase your social media following.

Social login : 

Most of the users prefer to login with their social accounts as opposed to providing an email address and creating a new one. Hence it is shortening the registration process and leads more user registration.

Social videos :

Adding/Embedding social videos on your websites not only increases the richness with increasing number of visitors but also looks great. Also it helps making how to blog posts more engaging.

Instagram photos : 

It is the best way to increase your Instagram followers.

Social proof : 

It is the only way to let visitors trust you. Hence it is very important to integrate the social media widget on your website to increase sales and website conversions.

Ignore mobile shoppers at your peril. If your eCommerce site isn’t easy to use on smaller screens then your on-line revenue is likely to shrink rather than grow. Both browsing and buying should be easy on a mobile device to ensure a visitor doesn’t click away to your competitor.

8) Responsiveness : 

Nowadays, each and every person looks for a website that can be easily scalable with the mobile devices as different mobile devices used by millions of different type of people such as one will use blackberry and other will use iPhone. Hence we’ll likely need to design for number of additional inventions. Thus for this reason only, responsive web design is the approach suggest that design should respond to user’s behavior based on platform, size and orientation. Each and every devices may be able to handle variations in size, functionality and even the color.

Hence with responsive design you will get the better local ranking and avoid content duplication.

9) Basic Navigation :

Navigation does not need to be complicated. It should be easy to identify and there should be space between the element so that each button or word stand out more clearly. Don’t overwhelm users adding too many menus.

Navigation can make or break the overall performance of your website. Strong navigation helps users finding the relevant information that interest them in very less time. hence all your searches can get best results efficiently and effectively. Conversely, a poor navigation can harm than good. It totally frustrate the users and confuse them and they even don’t find what they were expecting to get.

10) Shopping cart :

It is important to have the shopping cart feature on your eCommerce site as it is all about buying and selling the products. All the details about the product should be clearly identified taking care about design and layout including colors and company logo. It should also contain checkout and shipping options along with their prices. The shopping cart, login box and search box features are usually placed together at every eCommerce site.

11) Security : 

It is the primary concern for building any type of website. Hence to protect the data and business information from hackers it is important to maintain security on your sites so as to work safely.

12) Wishlist feature : 

After going through the website, the visitors if liked any product can add it to wishlist if at that time he/she don’t have money to purchase it. It behaves like storage of something. Also it helps your friends making decision on behalf of your products saved in favorites.

13) Anticipate customer questions :

Having FAQ section on the website is good option as it clears all the customer queries satisfying them with the best product they are interested with.

Conclusion :

Thus having all these above elements will help you with leading your website amongst large competitors and will evaluate to greater success. The above list will give you a great start, but always be on the lookout for new ways to improve your sales.