Style Guide Improves Your Blog’s Quality

Style Guide Improves Your Blog’s Quality

Style Guide to improve your web content or blog

Website plays an important role for starting any kind of business, similarly in the same way it is very necessary that businesses should focus on the style guide for their web content or blog. Hence, when we talk about your web content, there comes a concept of consistency. It is good way to keep your blog page updated with fresh and new content without any delay.

Most of the writers while writing still don’t follow or they are not aware of writing rules. Thus Style guide mainly focuses on content rules that gonna help them lot matching their written content with the latest brand which in turn helps to boost the traffic. It covers aspects such as grammar, language, formatting and tone – all the things needed to compose and present content.

There are some basic rules that every writer should follow and work upon it. This will prove to be beneficial when on-boarding new hires and guest contributors.

Components of Style Guide: 

1)Put your audience first:

Style guide helps to target your audiences communicating with them more effectively. Writers while writing just need to understand what type of content and for who they’re creating content.

2)Style and Tone:

With the help of this guide you’ll come to know about various tones and styles. It will outline how content should sound to your reader like conversational, thorough, academic, funny, controversial, educational etc. This section should guide the writer toward achieving the blog’s feel and voice.

Below mentioned are some of the tones:

  • Don’t add so much stuff , it will confuse visitors.
  • Use simple and easy language which can even understood by novice users.
  • Maintain a recognized quality and brand identity.
  • Don’t use any arrogant statements.

Style, refers to how a post looks visually. Discover your own style of writing that can engage your visitors to stay for long on your site. List out the ways you can break your large articles and make them attractive for readers to read.

Use Short paragraphs, headings, bold and italic feature. photos and blockquotes etc.


Follow the basic grammar rules in order to set the solid foundation. You can also purchase an online subscription to the manuals for reference.

Decide which of the established grammar style manuals that you want to follow in order to set a solid foundation for basic grammar rules.

  • Does it use you and we.
  • Does it use the active voice most of the time?
  • Does it keep jargon to minimum?
  • Does it explain any specialized terms in clear language?
  • Does it define acronyms and other abbreviations?
  • Does it use terms in consistent way?
  • Does it cut out unnecessary words and details?


Research your keywords. Collect all the possibilities of what keywords people are entering while searching for your content. Target the right words – intent, query and volume, know the demographics behind the keywords, don’t forget associated words. Always try to encourage your customers guiding them where keywords should be used.

5)Content Structures:

Style guide helps writers to specify which content structures should be used. This will help for on-boarding new writers. Writers should always outline and list what content users are looking for. There are many such as: Listicles, Interviews, Infographics, Galleries, Podcasts  and Videos.


Formatting means designing your content. Use the proper guidelines to do the formatting,

Following are some of the formatting requirements:

  • Outline when and where to make your sentences bold, italic and underline.
  • Learn about the importance of hyperlinks and start applying wherever necessary.
  • Identify which bullets to be used.
  • Moreover, what font, size and heading tags should be used for the best SEO practices.
  • Outline where the images should be placed, i.e alignment and whether the captions should be added to the image. Understand the importance of Image Optimization.


Style guide empowers you to explore your brand and express your personality in new, creative ways. Thus, the above explained some of the points will help you out improving your blog quality.