The world’s most dangerous drug

The world’s most dangerous drug

scopolamine finalDevil’s Breath also known as Scopolamine or Burundanga is arguably the world’s most dangerous and sinister drug.

 It is an admixture of a chemical known as Scopolamine, and was used for its interrogative properties, by C.I.A For at least the past two decades, the “Devil’s Breath” has been a major element of Colombia’s criminal investigations.

 Devil’s Breath is usually available in a powdered form and it originates from the borrachero tree, a common tree in Columbia, which blossoms with attractive yellow and white flowers.

It’s a material so intense that it makes a person incapable of exercising his own free will. The drug is believed to be so dominant that within few minutes of administration, the victim turns into a zombie creature. The victims remain comprehensible but become child-like and don’t have their free will.

People have been robbed, raped, tricked to empty bank accounts, and even convinced into giving up an organ while being under the drug’s influence. The drug does not have any taste or odor and can be easily administered either by ingestion or inhalation. Death can be caused if this drug is taken in large doses.

A commonly used method of administrating is to blow the drug into the face of the target on the street. Within few minutes, the target is victimized under the drug’s influence and loses all capacity for normal thinking.

Being under the influence of the drug, the victim is easily controlled by verbal commands and suggestions to perform profane acts. People have even helped thieves steal valuables from the victim’s hotel room or own home.

Once the drug effect fades off, the victims are unable to recollect what they did under the influence of the drug, what happened, and cannot even pinpoint the people responsible for forcefully administering the drug and taking advantage.

General Safety Tips

  • Avoid using expensive jewelry like gold or high priced watches.
  • Never show your Smartphone or fancy tablet in public, be restrained with the use of electronics.
  • When hiring a taxi make sure to use a map and check where the taxi driver is taking you. Sturdy but good-mannered bossing may work wonders at the right moment.
  • If someone (male or female) is with the driver, never get into such a taxi.
  • If the streets are deserted make sure not to walk alone and also avoid parks at night.
  • Strangers offering you a handshake make you sure you do not give in as it may be method to bamboozle you
  • When at ATMs be careful to check if there is someone already inside the ATM. Make sure not to count the money outside the ATM. Be more careful at unguarded ATM Machines
  • If you have to use the subway it is advisable to bring your purse or backpack in front. Make sure not to carry wallet in the back pocket of your jeans, trousers etc.
  • Do not react, in case of a threat, play cool, comply and remember your life is more important than your belongings.
  • Carry some petty cash in a easy to get to pocket, many street robbers will quickly run away if you give them some cash, departing from you and your other belongings.
  • Make sure when you are on the move in strange area, do not be like an eye catching object.

Stay smart, alert and proactive it can help you to avoid a lot of chaos