Aptitude Test – Yes or No

Aptitude Test – Yes or No

No doubt each and every student enjoy their school as well as college life with full of entertainments and memories. But yes there comes a stage when they have to think about their careers and future too. Thus at that time they think and try to get select in top companies to secure their future, but it is not that easy as there are thousands of students who are in need of job and they participate in campuses. Now the biggest and important question is that which student to select, which student will be capable and deserves to be a part of company.This has became the concern for the companies nowadays.

There are large number of companies with different categories and field and it is not necessary that they will follow the same selection process, their norms and standards will be different so students need to follow them. This article is all about discussing whether really aptitude test predict the employee success ?

Before going through this test, you need to understand what it is exactly and clear the basic concepts at least so that it will help you pass this round as in most of the companies this used to be the 1st round you need to go through. It is nothing but simply a test designed to assess your logical reasoning or thinking performance. The use of aptitude and knowledge tests to screen potential job applicants has long been standard practice across many different sectors.  As such they have become an important and integral part of the overall interview process.

Pros and Cons of Aptitude Test :

Pros :

1. Good for comparison : It is very difficult to judge a thousands of students by simply seeing their faces. Unless and until their abilities are proved no one will trust and yes it is possible that the single student can be good at multiple subjects and hence keeping this in mind companies always set the question paper covering all field related question so as to understand the student interest in a particular subject. This helps them to take a decision fast that in which category student will be successful. Aptitude tests will compare his excellence and performance in each of these area and accordingly present a comparison that would be easy to follow.

2. Effective : Study shows that somewhere taking the aptitude test will help you to decide the capabilities of students and it will be effective for students too as they will easily answer the questions freely on the topics that interest them. This will not only help companies to decide about the students, even students will get the field of their choice and in turn if selected both will be satisfied. Moreover, these tests are usually designed to give the appearance of bearing fun to solve questions.

3. Labour Turnover Reduced : If the total count of students is more then it is quite obvious for the companies to reduce the crowd but with the proper selection of person who deserves to stay there,  but care should be taken while selecting the students at the time of interview. For this reason aptitude test really help in finding the suitability of persons for the jobs.

4. Just for an inkling : Students while thinking about the career get really nervous and anxious because they fail in taking the decisions about future. They always get confused what to choose for successful future, even they sometimes fail to know what they really are capable of. This type of question can lead them to stress and anxiety. Providing them just an inkling of their aptitude and capability would be a good idea and might relieve them positively.

However, some have argued that aptitude tests are not very accurate in judging the area in which a student can excel and that they can be misleading sometimes. Below are some of the disadvantages of aptitude tests :

Cons :

1. Not for below average students : Not a single one, but the countless companies follow this. They give chance to only students who scored very well and not to students with less and average score. This is actually very unfair to the students who are in need of jobs. This not only affects the students but also average students to lose confidence in themselves. Also average students start feeling that no companies need them and hence this only increases negativity in them. s.

2. Too early to judge : It is not always true that students selected on the basis of aptitude are always right, because sometime aptitude test may can be cleared by the students who don’t know anything about the topic or appeared for the test without studying, this can only point that they are lucky enough to go for next round. Thus, this tests can eliminate the most deserving students.

3. Time consuming : Yes aptitude test are time consuming as large number of students come and participate in the test. It is not like the students get on spot results about tests. They need to wait for sometime or for one day as per the company process whatever it may, but they need to wait. Companies after completing with the tests from all students displays the results on the notice boards if the next round is on the same day else they send students the results via emails. Anyhow results are going to be displayed but are very consuming. So, companies should avoid this.