Powerful Social Media Trends

Powerful Social Media Trends

Every new year comes with full of excitements and opportunities leaving behind the old trends and displaying the new ones which will be just awesome. Trends keep on coming with lots of different changes but the change which is done for social medias is mind blowing. It will never stop as earlier it was computer world and now it is internet world! And when it comes to internet, there always exist the social medias. Life would be boring without it. Marketers key of success goes with it. Hence the ever changing world of social media not only bring more opportunities just for enjoying and having fun communicating worldwide but also it helps for your business effectively.

To predict about future is impossible, thus in the same way no one can predict what kind of change social media landscape will change over the course of a year. As a result, social media—and subsequently your strategy—has evolved and will continue to do so.

Trends That Will Change How Companies Use Social Media In 2016

Mobile First :

Day by day with the increasing technology trend, different types of smartphones are emerging with the different configuration and amazing features attracting large number of users as most of the people look for mobile versions with the latest features and also the most importantly responsive feature, as there are various different types of devices working on different platform based on size and orientation. So for that purpose almost all types of devices comes packed with this feature that scales well with all types of devices no matter how large or small screen the user is using, it will perform well satisfying the user and fulfilling all his needs.

The number of smartphone users is expected to surpass 2 billion this year according to eMarketer and by 2018 this number will have risen to 2.56 billion – which is equivalent to over one-third of consumers worldwide. Most of the users from their smartphones only downloading apps all the time and thus increasing the count of social accounts. Most famous apps used by users are : Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Over 1 billion people used to access the above site in single day for fulfilling different type of purposes.

Real-Time Engagement :

All types of businesses need social media accounts to let public know about their brands, product or services to increase the communication with the public and connecting with the fans.

Real time engagement always bring the positiveness among the marketers and people coming to purchase your brands. But if failed for solving the user queries as soon as possible then no one will help public to say bad about your brands. Thus it is very important that you should respond to users. One of the key strategies marketers need to implement in 2016 is faster response times. Social media is moving fast, and if your business has a presence on any of the platforms then you’re expected to keep up.

Live Streaming Video :

Live-streaming video is cheap, highly engaging and easy to pull off. It means making streaming accessible for everyone. It is a new concept which is going to explode in 2016. Thanks to most widely used apps like Periscope and Facebook which is trending nowadays.

Below mentioned are some good ways which will help broadcasting your videos.

  • The title and description for your broadcast matters a lot and it should be compelling to users. Better understanding about how to post live videos will definitely help you to attract visitors.
  • Before making anything live let your users know about your posting so that they can help you with increasing count of likes.
  • Responding to your users while broadcasting requires lots of smarter actions to be taken as it can be the key to achieve the results very fast. Thus build the audience by acknowledging your audience. It might be impossible to respond to everyone, but making an attempt is all that’s necessary here.
  • Plan on one longer broadcast rather than a bunch of separate ones.

Snapchat and Pinterest : 

In the age, millions of people are now engaged in chatting and the count also has been increased with this two social medias. Around 37% of the people are engaged with the snapchatters and they are mostly the youngsters. Similarly on the other side Pinterest involves 80% of female audience as it is the app which helps displaying the images based on their interest.

Apart from this 2 medias, new social media apps coming this year that are set to rival the likes of Instagram, Snap chat and Pinterest. These include Peach, Wanelo, Yik Yak, Kik, Shots, Hyper and even Bebo. With the fastest growing internet trends, it is becoming more important to be updated with the new platforms everywhere and will help your business stay in line with an ever-changing world. Snap chat, Instagram and Pinterest arrived on the social scene after Facebook and Twitter, but they quickly made their marks, especially among millennials.

Conclusion :

When it comes to measuring social media, there is no word you hear more often than “engagement.” As social marketing matures, marketers need to move beyond engagement and on to the next level of models and analysis.