Common Attributes of Business Websites

Common Attributes of Business Websites

A useful website increases sales, now what’s the website? It is nothing but a collection of web pages which are the building blocks of websites. Most of the websites are built contain different categories like some of them are eCommerce, corporate, photography, real estate, photography etc. Hence there’re some of the attributes which are commonly used by almost every type of websites.

Common Features are as follows:

Responsive design:

Nowadays each and every person look for a website that can be easily scalable with mobile devices. Now as there are various different types of mobile devices used by millions of different types of people such as one will use blackberry, other will use iPhone. Hence we’ll likely need to design for number of additional inventions. Thus for this reason only responsive web design is the approach that suggest that design should   respond to user’s behavior based on platform, size and orientation.

Each of the devices may be able to handle the variations in size, functionality and even the color. Hence with the responsive design you will get the better ranking and avoid content duplication.

Basic Navigation:

Navigation does not need to be complicated. It should be easy to identify and there should be space between elements so that each button or word stand out more clearly. It is also necessary to keep your menus simple, no need to confuse/overwhelm users adding too many menus ( 5-10 menus at the top of the websites are suitable)

The parallax scrolling and directional arrows for navigation improves user experiences even more. Keep the things very simple such as users should find a easy way to go back to home. However, navigation can make or break the overall performance of your website.

Strong navigation helps users to find the relevant information that interest them in very less time . hence all your searches get best results efficiently and effectively.

Conversely, a poor navigation can harm than good. It totally frustrate the user and confuse they even don’t find what they were expecting to get.

Hence there are various ways that will help you to improve your website navigation.

  • Keep it consistent
  • Divide categories clearly
  • Make all navigation elements clickable links
  • Use accurate navigation tittles
  • Ensure your search feature work

Social Media Integration:

Integration of social media in your website is another reason for promoting your online brand as it will help boosting your website traffic with social media.

Here are 5 amazing ways to integrate social media on your website

  1. Social Share and Follow Buttons: Social share buttons not only shares your content but also it gives to opportunity to improve user experience. The buttons are usually placed at the top, bottom or along the side of the page. Adding follow buttons will help you to increase your social media following.
  2.  Social login: Most of the users prefer to login with their social accounts as opposed to providing an email address and creating new one. Hence, it is shortening registration process and leads more user registrations.
  3. Social Videos: Adding/Embedding social video on your websites increases the richness of your sites even more. Not only these videos looks great but also make how to blog posts more engaging.
  4. Instagram photos: Amazing feature for the one who loves to upload photos on Instagram to increase the Instagram followers.
  5. Social proof: It is the only way to let visitors believe/trust you. It is important to integrate the proper social widgets on your websites as it will help you to increase sales and website conversions.


The websites which are integrated with the selling their products or services whatever they may be engaged with should use SSL certificate as it will encrypt all your conversations between you and your clients. Hence this will help protecting your sites from identity theft, hacking, stealing information etc.


It is a good practice to know about the characteristics which are really helpful for your sites to stand apart and helps converting your visitors to your customers.