Impacts of social media on student’s life.

Impacts of social media on student’s life.

Social media is becoming more and more viral amongst youngsters these days. It can make or break the success in the life. Number of inventions are releasing and with the growing trend the means for social media is also increasing. But it needs to be controlled as it is impacting the life of students very badly. No doubt it is trending worldwide, but not to impact the education of children but for providing the good results. What conclusion you come with social media totally depend upon the human mentally that how and for what purpose they are using it.

Social media in turn are becoming more important means of communication as they allow to communicate with anyone irrespective of their location. Communication means sharing all kinds of things which can be simply possible via various different social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and much more.

As we know that the coin has two side faces Head and Tail. In the same way, in every concept there used to be advantages and disadvantages. Thus the use of social media can provide the users with positive results or it can be negative too, all simply depends upon the users how they are using that thing and accordingly the output will be.

Advantages of Social Media : 

  • It is very easy for any new users to use social media. Simply you need to follow the necessary steps.
  • It connects people worldwide.
  • Learning became easy and fulfilled users expectations.
  • Development of collaborative abilities.
  • Useful for finding information about school and colleges as there can be links available.
  • It is also helpful for the students who are shy and afraid to ask their queries

Disadvantages of Social Media : 

  • It is not trustworthy as anyone can connect with anyone.
  • Lack of privacy and there is concern for security as well.
  • People with false intentions can find the ways to hack the profiles including snaps, lots many cases are reported that the photos are being photo-shopped and used in objectionable places.
  • Also the people can use this to abuse or defame someone badly.
  • Affect companies and professionals both.

Let’s talk about how it is impacting student’s life : 

In the era, it is true that life of students is focused more on the social media only. Yes! it is true that it can be reason for someone’s victory but not for everyone. Students who understand that their career is important and have control on using they can only become successful in their life.

One of the most emerging social media is nothing but a Facebook. It is overwhelming among students as the service got opened only in the year 2006. Around 98% of the users having the Facebook accounts and they are spending most of their precious time in chatting unnecessarily leaving all their works at one side.

Cyber bullying and crime against children can harm the student’s life alot. Students just for fun and entertainment can do many mistakes like they can be victim to pornography or any other inappropriate content.

Students getting more engaged with this accounts sometimes hurt the feelings of people and can affect badly to their lives if not controlled. Most of innocent girls are being trapped by wrong hands.

Apart from hacking and cheating through social media, it impacts badly on the health of students mostly.  Mostly seen signs are anxiety, distress, boredom and loneliness, much the same as a typical addiction. Students become habitual in continuous chatting, they even forget about the timings and indirectly suffer from eye problems, mental stress etc.

The use of social media also impacting the proper education, students use shortcuts while chatting and being habitual of this can become serious issues for them as in exams too they continue with the shortcuts and do spelling mistakes and use of wrong grammar can affect their scores.

Parents should know about the activities of their children’s while they are on social media. Parents control is necessary so that to keep their children’s out of problems. Parents should be frank and open, it will not only maintain the relation but children’s will also be in control and will not move with the wrong flow.

Conclusion : No doubt that social media is very effective to use as it has been spread worldwide and large number of users using it increasing number of count day by day. It can therefore be used as a guiding tool while on the process of adapting to the new environment and educational ambiance.