Making Society Strong enough for Women Safety

Making Society Strong enough for Women Safety

Country of Heavenly atmosphere, Diverse Group of People, Different Cultures, Great Hospitality, One of the 7 Wonders, Flora and Fauna, Masters in Sports, and Historical Backgrounds. We proudly say it “Incredible India”. People from all over the world travel to this place where 18 scheduled languages,
114 other languages, 216 mother tongues, 96 non specified languages, totally up to 10000 languages speaks by people. Not any single country in this world has these huge differences in their own country. Yes of course, we all are very proud to live in this country as we are the citizens of it. Even we consider our country to be our mother earth “Bharat Mata” as mentioned by our Great Indian poets and writers. These all terms are fading away all of a sudden due to drastic change in Indian Societies, People, Youth tendencies and mentalities over the decade and may be keep fading away for decades, generations to come.


In India, a woman is raped every 25-30 minutes and according to National Crime Records Bureau statistics there are 600 rape cases were registered in Delhi in 2005 and 318 rape cases were reported in Delhi alone. So this is the clear picture of our Indian social system is heading towards sexual assault like social systems and may lead our country towards women destructions. It is only because the globalization and westernization which is at peak. Media and Television (National and Regional) have grown to a level where they can easily telecast uncensored TV shows, nudity, and crimes through satellites that everyone sees easily on TV. As a result youth are now addicted towards night clubs, dating, overnight parties, drugs, alcoholic drinks, changing of sexual partners and even satisfying every single mental and physical needs by all means possible. Our social system is now becoming westernized like overseas countries where people of opposite sex can kiss each other roadside. But people are not ready to accept the cultural differences and westernization differences and countries government rules and policies. People in India are living in a culture where they assume themselves in westernized culture and free to do anything like crime, sex, dating, boozing etc. These assumptions in people’s mind are very venomous to our society and even culture and can later on affect our generations. The Delhi Gang rape incident really stunned people and citizens around the world for the monstrous cruelty to one innocent girl.

So from bottom of my heart would like to bring focus on things we need to start for changing our social systems and its tendencies towards any crime and women safety issues. When it comes to sport like cricket where India versus Pakistan match we all come together and join our hands, clap our hands, yell at every single fours and sixes hit on the ground with all unity in diversity of India joins the battle ever from sitting at home and watching television. So why people back off in Making Society Strong enough for Women Safety? We always stay away or hesitate to take one step ahead against these crimes because most of the Indian Societies are come under middle class level where people earn only for their living and for their nuclear family support. People of middle class or even from upper-middle class always hesitate due to political pressure, encountering with police case, let go who cares? Attitude, financially they feel poor about themselves and sort of reasons. But we need to understand that the victim who was raped and died in the hospital was human being not a road side animal. Why we always depend on heroic person to go ahead and should fight for us, actually that heroic person never comes forward and he doesn’t exist at all. We ourselves need to take heroic decisions with unity of people and bring that change we wanted to see in India and about Woman Safety. Remember: When we consider ourselves citizen of India then we should take the responsibility of fighting against crimes in India no matter what type of crime that be or else we don’t have right to be proud of our country and people. Why can’t we learn from our mistakes that are happening again and again and becoming a part of daily headlines in Newspaper? If that is keep happening remember guys it will surely come to you or even to your loved ones. You all decide what type of country you want to live in “Proud country of all or Country of No Women’s Land”.

Thank you for listening to me for 7 minutes and baring patience with me.