Types of Web Hosting

Types of Web Hosting


Shared Hosting:

In a shared hosting your own website and other website owners share one server. This encompasses sharing the physical server and the software applications that are on the server. Shared hosting services are economical because the cost to run the server is mutual borne between you and the other owners. However there are a number of down sides, such as being slower, and resources exhaustion.

 Reseller hosting:

This is a type of webhosting in which a person, who want to resell one’s own web hosting service. This is a very nice option for those with multiple websites, as it makes it very convenient to manage many websites under one single control panel.

 VPS hosting:

 This type of hosting is advocated for more advanced users, and those requiring installing specific packages or software not provided with shared hosting. Your website is placed on a VPS server with other websites which is similar to shared hosting, but there are less websites per server. VPS hosting comprises root or admin access to its specific operating system installation in a virtualised  environment.

 Semi-Dedicated Hosting:

“Semi-Dedicated Hosting” is basically a dedicated server shared by two or more people. This is a perfect model for websites with more traffic that have overgrown the shared hosting limits and now require more resources compared to what the shared and reseller plans provide. The Semi-dedicated hosting has less restrictions and therefore is preferred over shared and reseller plans, because of higher resource availability.

 Dedicated Hosting:

In a dedicated hosting one have the complete web server to oneself. This permit for quicker performance, as one has all the server’s resources allocated entirely to oneself which is not shared with other website owners. But, this also means that the cost of server operation entirely will be paid by the server user. Dedicated server is good choice for websites that needs a lot of system resources, or need an advanced level of security.

 Cloud Hosting:

We have an article in our previous blogs with detailed explanation on Cloud Computing:

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