Computer virus

Computer virus


Computer virus

A Program or a part of code that is encumbered onto a computer without the knowledge of the person who owns the computer, such program is known as a computer virus. All the computer viruses are codes written by certain individuals. Viruses are capable to create a duplicate of itself, such kind of virus is known as a simple virus and is comparatively easy to create. Even though simple this virus is risky as it will use up the free memory and bring the system to a standstill. The harmfulness increases when the virus is capable of transferring across the network and breaching the security systems.
The large network used by the Defense Department i.e. ARPANET and many of the educational institutions were infected with virus, since then the antivirus programs became available in the year 1987. Antivirus programs are programmed to scan your computer system for the well-known types of viruses.Certain people differentiate between regular viruses and worms. The point of distinction is that a worm is type of virus that can duplicate itself and eat up memory, but it does not have the capability to attach itself to other programs.

The task performed by a virus protection software to stop Trojan horses, viruses and worms from entering into a computer and also the get rid of any maliciously coded software that is present in the infected system. Many of the security utilities along with antivirus protection come with antimalware and antispam ware.The internet security groups provide additional security in the form of firewall, antispam, file protection, antiphising and optimization of PC.

Protect your computer from Virus

Install an antivirus program
An antivirus program must be installed and it must be kept updated on regular basis, possibly set the update to update automatically as new viruses are being created daily. Antivirus is will help prevent your computer from virus attacks and also stop their entry into files, operating system and emails.

Do not open unanticipated emails
Viruses are attached to the email attachments and opening of such emails will cause the virus to spread and corrupt the system. Best way is to not open unanticipated emails.

Firewall should be used
Windows or any other Firewall can be used and will alert you about any suspicious activities by a virus or worm that tries to attach to your computer. It also blocks worms, viruses and hackers from trying to transfer possibly harmful programs to your system.
Make use of Browser Privacy Setting.
Cases of fraud and identity theft have been on the rise; how websites might access your private information, awareness is vital to avoid fraud and identity stealing. Every Browser comes with a unique privacy setting which can be used as per choice.

Turn on the browser Pop-up- blocker
The small browser windows appearing on top of the website are browser is known as a Pop. Basically for the display of advertisements but can contain malicious or unsafe code; this may lead to security breach in the Browser. By turning on the pop-up blocker the breach can be blocked

User Account Control must be on
User Account Control (UAC) warns and gives us the option to approve or regress the change. UAC assists to prevent the Viruses from making unsolicited changes. Administrator level permission is required for changes to be made to the computer.