Soccer: Goal the history of the game!

Soccer: Goal the history of the game!

Soccer goal

In the ancient time Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians had taken part in games that involved a ball and it was played by using the ‘feet’. Maximum of these games involved the usage of hands, feet and also sticks to guide a ball. The Roman game of ‘Harpastum’ was a ball game which was possession based where each side would try to retain possession of a small ball for an extended timeframe. A similar game in the ancient Greek which was named ‘Episkyros’, but both of these chases reflected rules nearer to rugby than compared to the modern day soccer.

A relevant ancient game to our current day ‘Association Football’ is the Chinese game ‘Tsu-Chu’ or ‘kick ball’. During the Tsin Dynasty (255-206BC) and signify a game in which soldiers contested in a training activity, it featured a leather ball being kicked into a net looped between dual poles. The key difference between Tsu-Chu and soccer was regarding the height of the goal, which dangled about 30 feet from the floor. After the start of Tsu-Chu , similar games like soccer spread throughout the world. ‘Pahsaherman’, was by the Native Americans. Ethnic Australians had ‘Marn Grook’ and the Moari’s ‘Ki-o-rahi’

From the advent of 9th century Soccer began to progress in modern Europe. The game was often perceived as an annoyance. Swine’s bladder would be kicked from once place to another in the entire town. Thus it was forbidden for certain period in Britain’s past

At the beginning of the 16th century the systematization of soccer was done by the public schools in Britain. In the private school method, the use of hands and grappling were allowed but still the modern form of soccer was being made. At each ends were placed two goals which were barless, goal keepers were for guarding the goals, strategies were presented and high tackles were disqualified.

In Britain the rules and regulations continued to progress and steadfast soccer clubs emerged playing matches against each other in 18th century. But still there some way to go as the use of hands while playing and ball was to be passed only backwards unlike we see in the modern game of soccer.

In the year 1863 a solitary accepted set of soccer guidelines were formed by Football Association by clubbing together diverse codes and methods found across Britain. After the FA rules were approved the first authorized match including many top players was organized in London’s Battersea Park.

From that time onwards soccer thrived in Britain, in 1875 the Football Association Cup was held and in 1888 saw the foundation football League. Parallel to this time was the beginning of the of soccer clubs in Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland. Dawn of the 20th century witnessed the formation of indigenous soccer leagues competing in International games amongst rival nation.

In the 1904, (FIFA) The International Federation of Association Football released a global agreement between methods and football playing countries. The first FIFA world cup match was held in Uruguay. The history of soccer is filled with actions, progress and a rising fervor all over the world. The 20th FIFA World cup is currently being held in Brazil and the 2018 FIFA world cup which is scheduled to be held in Russia.

For all the soccer fans “bem vindo ao brasil” (Welcome to Brazil).